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Price starting from $600.

The Hammer Tech OMNI CLASS OCF165 (6.5″) Mid Range speaker.
Utilising a Dual Cone Design, this speaker was built to be the ultimate mid range!
Playing in excess of 16khz with ease at a sensitivity of 90.8 dB/W, the OCF6.5 will easily take on other speakers in terms of sound quality and output!
The OMNI Class can be used in both closed Sound quality applications as well as outdoor open show applications.
Developed by professionals in the audio industry, the OCF6.5 was designed with true sound fidelity in mind and an all rounded application.
Enhanced with a water proof paper cone, this speaker is ideal of outdoor usage ( ATV/ BAGGER APPLCATIONS) For Marine Application, please see our OCF Marine series whereby the speakers are further modified to face the high seas!

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