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DUBHE Series are Hi efficiency 4-channels mid/high power level amplifiers dedicated to the installation market where they can be connected loads in both, low and high impedance, through their input and output Phoenix connectors and output level control potentiometers in the rear panel.

In the design it has been implemented the advanced RAM Audio Power Control Management to configure how to sharing the power between the channels according to the user needs, having the possibility to obtain in just one channel the maximum power.
These amplifiers have many configuration possibilities such as bridge mode, subsonic filter, channel power limiter and signal link, among others, in order to satisfy the needs of any particular installation. These devices also can be equipped with a GPIO connection to interface with a third party control system.
Optional DanteTM Networking (AES67) and GPIO connection to interface with a third party control system are available for DUBHE amplifiers.

With all these configurations DUBHE amplifiers can meet the power requirements of any installation from 300 up to 2500 W.

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